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Meet the Claw Development Team

Welcome to the Claw Development team page, where innovation and creativity come together to create amazing solutions. Our diverse team is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technology to life through our expertise and passion.

Our Amazing Team

At Claw Development, we’re a passionate and dedicated group of professionals working together to bring innovative ideas to life. Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that every project we undertake reaches its full potential. Get to know the faces behind the code:

Abhishek Kumar

Founder and CEO



Utkarsh Dutt

Global Marketing Head

Anjali Yadav

WordPress Developer Intern

Rishabh Saini

Website Designer
customer stories claw development

Hritik Patel

Creative Head

Shourya Srivastava

Digital Marketing Strategist

Kapil Devtalla

Graphic Designer Intern

Shourya Srivastava

Digital Marketing Strategist

Ankur Tiwari

PHP Intern


WordPress & HTLM Intern


Digital Marketing Intern

Our 15+ committed staff members are ready to help.