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Startup Consulting and Nurturing

With our proven track record, we partner with business owners for startup consulting and nurturing. We handle everything from pre- to post-fund raising, financial advice, technology trends, business turnaround, pricing, and go-to-market strategy. Additionally, we provide startup consultation services for general concept idea creation, pitch deck development, term sheet negotiation, convertible note (SAFE) issuance, voting rights, board member nomination, capital investment start raising strategy for angel, seed, or series funding, and ESOP structure. Our goal is to attract top talent to help startups succeed even further.

Our startup business advisors focus primarily on areas that are important for the development of your firm. Filling in the gaps and making you competitive. We have helped a lot of entrepreneurs develop well-planned financial models that meet the requirements for the specific angel or seed funding they are fighting for. Countless startups from various nations have benefitted from our tailored financial models, which helped them achieve their main goals. by using our worldwide operational and business knowledge. Innovative business strategies placed a strong emphasis on optimizing growth and minimizing capital expenditure. Thanks to our access to international markets and in-depth sector-specific knowledge.

Claw Development, one of the top startup consulting companies in India. Committed to building lean startups that both entrepreneurs and investors can be proud of. Proven outcomes with a history of success on a global scale are sure to have a good effect in the least amount of time.

The small company advising services listed below have been specially chosen to help you achieve your main goals of efficiency, expansion, and value generation.

Enterprise Transformation​

Enhance organizational, managerial, process, and digital transformation to boost growth and profits.

Validation of Business Models

Validate key assumptions in a business plan and develop a potent go-to-market plan.

Enhancing Performance

From operational advice to business turnaround, we assist increase a company's bottom line quickly.