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Website Maintenance Services

The cost of website maintenance services depends on the type of website you require. Location-based advertising will be charged at 100% while non-location-based advertising will cost 50%. The price includes website renewal, hosting, annual maintenance, and customer service.

Can I update my website myself with CMS?

Yes, we provide an Admin Panel for your website, giving you the ability to update content and images on your own. For e-commerce websites, the admin panel allows you to add, edit, and delete product items, update content, correct orders, and check inquiries and images.

Are your websites search engine friendly?

Claw Development is well-known for producing SEO-friendly optimized content. In Website maintanence services. Every website we design is SEO optimized, including the title, meta tags, optimized content, image optimization, and much more. For advanced SEO services, consider our advanced SEO package.

I’d like to redesign my current website. Can you assist me?

Yes, we can redesign your website in any language you desire. To modify your website, please contact us and we will discuss what needs to be done.

Updating your website regularly.

According to current Google generals and trends, the majority of search engines favour updated websites.

But unless the website is not updated or has not had new content added since it was first created, you will not receive a high search engine ranking.

Website maintenance is a constant procedure that raises your website’s ranking on search engines. You would not receive business from a defunct website.

The majority of businesses and institutions struggle with this issue since they lack a specialised website maintenance employee. For small businesses, it makes little sense to hire someone only for website upkeep.